There Is No Planet B

On the one hand, I can say that Organic Consumers Association was being opportunistic by broadcasting their message – COOK ORGANIC NOT THE PLANET – at the “Forward on Climate Rally” to stop the Keystone pipeline. On the other hand, it felt great to be met by the smiling faces of OCA, who stationed themselves as “meet-and-greeters” when we got up to street level at the Smithsonian metro station. OCA was there in solidarity to join forces with Sierra Club,, the Hip Hop Caucus and more than 90 other organizations.
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It’s 2013… what food resolutions SHOULD you have?

2013 Resoulutions

Ina compiled a short list of her top food and health tips for 2013’s winter season. Regardless of whether your food and lifestyle relationship is “should-ridden” or easeful, they will help you take care of yourself in ways that are effective and kind. They can also help to dissolve the shadow that “shoulds” may cast upon your goals.
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French lentils with roasted red peppers, goat feta and mint

French lentils differ from brown lentils, as they are smaller and denser. They hold their shape better, making them the perfect choice for summer salads, rather than soup.
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Deconstructing a 'Zero Mile' salad

Spring is a tough season to try to subsist on garden vegetables, but it IS possible to do pretty well with salad greens and herbs.
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Let’s go viral with Meatless Mondays

My first month of offering Meatless Mondays in my kitchen is over, and I’ve received all my survey forms back. I can officially proclaim it was received with great success. From my point of view, I admit there is a learning curve. Classes/dinners required substantial prep on my part – particularly in coordinating which components of dinner I wanted prepared ahead of time, and which I wanted to demonstrate live.
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The Healthier “Happy Meal” (sans the GMOs!)

Three weeks ago I began a class out of my kitchen, called “Meatless Mondays in Ina’s Kitchen.” For the month of March, I’ve opened up my kitchen to 8 eager participants who come hungry and receptive to what I’ve prepared and set before them. Each week I have a theme or two, and a menu that exemplifies the themes. The foods chosen reflect the transition into spring and the produce being as seasonal and local as possible.
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The Illusion of Diversity

Yes, it’s Spring – and produce season is ostensibly months away. I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek because we can buy hot weather fruit and vegetables year round thanks to the “miracle” of modern transportation.
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Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Head Out to Your Local Natural Food Co-op

Still have a few folks on your shopping list? No worries! Just head out to your local natural food co-op where you can find all sorts of goodies for last minute gifts.
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Weight weight, don’t wait!

It doesn’t take any talent to gain weight (or spend money), especially at this time of year. Let’s be honest. It’s post Thanksgiving and I got on the scale after 5 days of family, fun and food and WOOPS… a few extra pounds in no time! A little too much noshing on a little too much extra, and not enough exercise (because of all the company and cooking), and here I am, sporting a little extra baggage. Well, it at least affords me the perfect opportunity to discuss a few thoughtful reminders I’m planning to put in place between now and the next set of holidays.
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Katie's in the Kitchen: Lively Leftovers

In light of our recent Thanksgiving feasts and the abundance of leftovers that was sure to follow, here is some advice on how to make tasty use of the stuff from the day (or week) before. If you’re still faced with leftover turkey (I am!), your most likely option is to turn it into sandwiches. Traditional turkey sandwiches are one of my favorite things. But it is possible to get tired of your favorite things, so be creative and mix it up.
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