We need your help to stay online and on the road.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Make a donation – mail it or click on the Donate button below.
  • Take out a banner or newsletter ad, or recommend someone you know do it.
  • Underwrite our coverage of an event, a farm visit, or more.
  • Donate products or services.
  • Refer clients to whom we can provide business and marketing services. See what we do here: Services.

Here is our snail mail address, if you prefer to send a check:

Ken Kailing and Gail Nickel-Kailing
GoodFood World
816 N. Ewing Street
Helena MT 59601

Thank you to all our GoodFood World Sponsors and Heroes!

We’d like to extend a special “thank you” to the folks who have contributed to making GoodFood World a success.

Frank Romano, Boston MA
Jack Jenkins, Country Living Grain Mills, Stanwood WA
KAMUT® International, Missoula MT
FirstFruits of Washington, Yakima WA
Organically Grown Company, Eugene OR
Grow Socially, Wilmington MA
Chuck Stempler and Sally McKenzie, Seattle WA
Tom Maliska, Olympia WA
Joan H. Hall and George E. Hall, Madison WI
Arthur Lee Jacobson, Seattle WA

Instead of giving to causes that are relatively secure, where my money shall not be missed, I try to donate to causes where lack of funds may doom the endeavor. Much like giving food to a skinny person rather than to a plump one. GoodFood World is an example of a precarious, skinny cause that needs outside help. (ALJ)

Marilee Henry and Jeff Thorson, Seattle WA
Francis Zera, Burien WA
Guy and Sandy Matthews, Reedsburg WI
Mary Embleton, Seattle WA
Nora Norby, Minneapolis MN
Wendy and Erick Haakenson, Jubilee Biodynamic Farm, Carnation WA
David Oien, Timeless Seeds, Ulm MT
Madeleine O’Donnell, La Conner WA
Port Townsend Food Co-op, Port Townsend WA
Kevin Christenson, Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill, Burlington WA
Jim Collins, Manini’s Gluten Free, Seattle WA
Dana Manciagli, Bellevue WA

I’m proud to donate to such a life-changing cause led by first class leaders at GoodFood World. (DM)


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