Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo: The Ocean’s ‘Going-Out-of-Business’ Sale

Tsukiji Fish Market is a dizzying place offering over 400 unique types of seafood and sea vegetation every day. Any plant or animal from any body of water in the world that could be even remotely considered edible (puffer fish, stone fish etc.) is available. And for the right amount of money it can be yours!

The Five Colors of Health

One of the things most often noted about Japanese cuisine, is how exquisite it looks. Everything looks so impossibly perfect; small mounds of food look as if they have been sculpted rather than just prepared.

Changing Food Culture in Japan

Japanese cuisine… what images do those words bring up? Typically when I speak to people about traditional Japanese food, sushi is the first thing they bring up, then teriyaki and, occasionally, instant ramen.
People also seem to have a sense that the Japanese naturally have better eating habits and are healthier than we are here in the West. What is the truth? In a nutshell?

Op Ed: Loaves and Fishes

Even in a short time – just the last few years – the shellfish industry in Washington State has deteriorated because of bad management and pollution. We can’t afford to let this gross negligence continue.