Gardening is a subversive act! Plus you get tomatoes...

Have you noticed lately that all that beautiful produce on the grocery shelves seems to spoil and go bad the day after you get it home? Didn’t it used to last at least a few days longer? What to do?
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When a Friend Needs Help...

A quirk of the weather (thanks, Climate Weirdness!), and hungry migrating birds can clean out a crop in a matter of hours! Help a friend: Make a donation at Nash and Patty’s Go Fund Me Page.

Instead of this…

Nash’s has this…

Patty and Nash Huber, Nash’s Organic Produce, made it
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The Newest CSA Benefit: Food Coach

Terrie Irish, Jubilee Farm's "kitchen wizard"

With the beginning of the 2014 Summer CSA session, Jubilee Farm unveiled its new kitchen space including triple wash sinks, stainless steel counter tops, and tools like food processors and knives for shredding and cutting. Members can now get hands-on coaching and food preparation advice on pick-up days from Terrie, Jubilee’s resident food guru. No more wondering, “What do I do with THAT?”
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Community Supported What? CSA, CSB, CSR, CSW, CSF?

Spend a little time in the presence of a local food advocate and you’ll hear a string of acronyms beginning with CS: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Community Supported Bakery (CSB), Community Supported Restaurant (CSR), Community Supported Winery (CSW), Community Supported Fishery (CSF). What is all this community support about and what do these programs really mean?
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Pests: Weeds and Unwanted 4-Legged Visitors

Yesterday was Tuesday which meant that we spent our afternoon at Jubilee Farm weeding. Actually, at this time of the year, the jobs fall pretty evenly between harvesting and weeding! Simply not enough time
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Seven Reasons Why Real CSAs Matter

Knowing where your food comes from – and getting to know your farmer – is a critical step in knowing what’s IN your food. Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up for a CSA, how do you know who’s real? Success breeds competition and sometimes that competition is fudging it. Some of those CSAs you’re looking at are not REAL CSAs.
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