Product Profile: Mazama Juice Cider

We took a “drive about” to apple country and met John and Beth Sinclair at their organic orchard in Twisp WA. They grow Honey Crisp apples on 8,000 trees in the Methow Valley of Washington. GoodFood World heartily recommends their sweet cider!

Beyond Fair Trade Coffee: A Business Built on Partnerships

From its picturesque location at the end of Washington’s State Route 532, things are looking good at Camano Island Coffee Roasters (CICR). Founded in 1999 by Jeff Ericson and his nephew Dan, it all started with a one-pound roaster in a barn.

Product Profile: Small Planet Organic Tofu

We eat a lot of soy in our household. Soy milk, tofu, tempe, soy “ice cream,” soy yogurt… So when we say that Small Planet Organic Tofu is our favorite brand, you can see that we’ve done our comparison shopping!