Meatless Monday: Cauliflower Croquettes

These croquettes are tasty. They are made with millet and short grain brown rice, which together, create a chewy binding for the vegetables. If you only use one grain, I suggest trying the millet, especially if you’ve not tasted it before. The addition of red pepper adds beautiful flecks of color throughout the croquette.
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How Much Does COSTCO Cost Us?

We are hooked by the insatiable bait of savings in the face of size. We love getting twice or three times as much for something – anything – because it feels “free.” But it isn’t free… it comes loaded with consequence (in the form of calories), and we can never feed this gaping maw with enough dollar savings. Our only way out is to unplug from believing in its value.
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Whey-ing the Pros and Cons: It’s All Greek to Me!

Everything is interconnected, and all actions have consequences. Whether they are intended or not, some consequences are better than others. My recent discovery that New York’s Greek yogurt production is getting whey out of hand is exemplary. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
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The pulses of life!

In summer it’s often too hot to eat warm or hot food. But on a cool night, a rainy day, NOW in June, or late August into September, red lentil, roasted tomatoes and dill soup tastes divine with fresh garden tomatoes! You can also just cut them up and plop them in the lentil pot.
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Red Lentil, Roasted Tomatoes, and Dill Soup

This is easy, delicious, comforting and beautiful. It tastes crazy good with fresh garden tomatoes!
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Alice in Glyphosate Land

I feel as if I’m in a bizarre Wonderland that is unfortunately called the political reality in America! The faster I run towards devouring new information about the negative health effects of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup Ready (RR) herbicide) and GMOs, the more I’m frustrated by the continuing attacks on our body politic by Monsanto and their minions.
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Loving Veggies on the Shoulders of Ed Espe Brown

With gratitude I stand on the shoulders of all those who illuminated the path before me as I walked. Special thanks to you Ed Brown, for the Tassajara Cooking book. Your light still shines within me as I help to illuminate the path for others. And I still recommend your book.
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Tough Love for Good Food

However, right now I’m feeling fed-up with food talk and food problems. So what really kills me on a day like today is that I feel impotent again, unable to figure out how to break through the barriers that keep others from knowing what I know is possible in the midst of all the complex food news hitting us in the face.
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There Is No Planet B

On the one hand, I can say that Organic Consumers Association was being opportunistic by broadcasting their message – COOK ORGANIC NOT THE PLANET – at the “Forward on Climate Rally” to stop the Keystone pipeline. On the other hand, it felt great to be met by the smiling faces of OCA, who stationed themselves as “meet-and-greeters” when we got up to street level at the Smithsonian metro station. OCA was there in solidarity to join forces with Sierra Club,, the Hip Hop Caucus and more than 90 other organizations.
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It’s 2013… what food resolutions SHOULD you have?

2013 Resoulutions

Ina compiled a short list of her top food and health tips for 2013’s winter season. Regardless of whether your food and lifestyle relationship is “should-ridden” or easeful, they will help you take care of yourself in ways that are effective and kind. They can also help to dissolve the shadow that “shoulds” may cast upon your goals.
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