Eggs, eggs, eggs! Beautiful eggs!

Don’t you just love it?

Eggs, eggs, be-u-ti-full eggs! (Sorry, Lewis Carroll) 

During the height of the Pandemic, we were able to get these gorgeous eggs from Oddfellow Inn and Farm – delivered!! It was such fun to scoop the carton from front porch, open it with great anticipation, and see a rainbow of colors: pale green, khaki green, cream, brown, and white.

As these eggs became more popular, it became a game of website roulette to get an order placed. One day there, next day sold out. Check again – success! Scored a dozen. And the following day, they showed up on the doorstep. Perfect! Social distancing maintained and healthy local food received.

Now that things are opening up again, it’s time to play website roulette again! The good news: these beautiful eggs are again available; more good news: we have make a quick trip out to the farm to pick them up. Such a beautiful drive makes delivery a second best choice!

Order  your be-u-ti-full eggs at Oddfellow Inn and Farm. Just a quick note: the demand is high, you might have to be on a waiting list for a couple of days before they are ready for pickup. The wait is worth it! Good food is always worth searching out and, sometimes, waiting for it.

Support your local food businesses – they are family, friends, and neighbors – and buy their products.

Take care, eat well, be well.