We Recommend: Sockeye Salmon from Loki Fish Co.

At GoodFood World we’re always on the lookout for something special for dinner. This week we picked up a “2-Serving Portion” of wild sockeye salmon from the Loki Fish Co. stand at Ballard Farmers Market.

Here’s why you should stop at one of the 4 year-round farmers markets here in Seattle where you can find Loki:

  1. The fish in the package looks exactly like the photo above taken from the Loki website; no disguising anything!
  2. These fillets have the pin bones removed so you don’t have to do it. So many times I’ve spent at least 15 minutes pulling tiny bones out of a fillet with tweezers. Loki does it for you!
  3. Loki fillets are trimmed so there is no waste. Perfect servings every time.
  4. The flavor is so rich and yet not at all fishy. Careful handling of the fish means that the meat is fresh and clean tasting.

If you’re not close enough to stop into a weekend market or visit Loki’s warehouse, then order online at Loki Fish Co.

And tell them GoodFood World sent you!