How PCC Natural Markets Manages Waste In House and In the Community

The trend to more plastic packaging, like clear clamshells or single-serving containers, is being driven from both the produce packaging industry and from consumers.

For the industry, plastic containers in the form of bags, boxes, and pouches offer ease of shipment, protection from damage, food safety, and space to apply information and advertising.

Consumers prefer plastic containers, especially clear or transparent ones, because the contents are visible; the packaging is convenient, portable, and often provides portion control; and the food is protected both from indiscriminate handling, damage, and the introduction of pathogens.

PCC Cheese Case, Ready To Go!

PCC Cheese Case, Ready To Go!

PCC Natural Markets, having come from a tradition of social consciousness and built on what is today called, “The Triple Bottom Line,” has initiatives—and goals—in place to “operate as sustainably as possible.”

Diana Chapman, Director of Sustainability, PCC Natural Markets, discusses the ways that PCC is working to manage waste in house and in the community.