An 'Ecological Diet?'

How do we really know what to eat? Perhaps it’s environmental. Sure enough! If nothing but markets decide now – and they seem to be careening out of control – and history doesn’t count, everybody can be like everybody else and have any kind of food. Then maybe it isn’t so much a matter of knowing what to eat as it is regaining a sense of who we are. Perhaps the first step is to reconnect our food to place, good places – not industrial wastelands.
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Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo: The Ocean's 'Going-Out-of-Business' Sale

Tsukiji Fish Market is a dizzying place offering over 400 unique types of seafood and sea vegetation every day. Any plant or animal from any body of water in the world that could be even remotely considered edible (puffer fish, stone fish etc.) is available. And for the right amount of money it can be yours!
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The Five Colors of Health

One of the things most often noted about Japanese cuisine, is how exquisite it looks. Everything looks so impossibly perfect; small mounds of food look as if they have been sculpted rather than just prepared.
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Voices From the Farm: From Ice and Snow to Summer Delight

With fewer sheep to care for there was more time to spend gardening, and despite an overabundance of rain, by June things were pretty much under control. I took time to sit down and enjoy a beautiful day and write my observations of early June.
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Video: Welcome to Your GMOcery!

We live in a marvelous world of scientifically enhanced food. The GMO Fantastic Four known as: corn, soy, canola and cotton, are omnipresent shapeshifters. From our corn we get flour, meal, oil, starch, syrup and sweeteners. When you see the words fructose, dextrose and glucose, you’re seeing GMO Corn.
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May on the Farm

Spring on the farm turns Kate poetic!
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Ask Ina: Are 'Natural' Foods the Same as 'Organic' Foods?

Are “natural” foods the same as “organic” foods? Is one better than the other for me and my family? Let’s take each term, one at a time.
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Threats to Organic Farming

We in the independent small farm sector probably need to keep an eye on new threats to organic farming. It seems there is no end of manipulation by industry to control markets and government continues to be driven by special interests.
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