Spicy in Seattle: Japanese Ginger

Native certainly in parts of SE China, and cultivated much if not native in Japan and S Korea, Japanese Ginger is a woodland perennial that turns yellow and dies down in fall, rests during the cold winter, then shoots up again next spring, growing about 3 to 4 feet in height. Most Zingiber species are cold-sensitive; this one is hardy.
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The Right Tool For The Job

Whether you are a farmer, an orchardist, or a home gardener, good tools make the job! And you can’t do a quality job without quality tools. It has become harder and harder to find well-made, long-lasting tools! How do you find good hand tools that are sturdy, repairable, and properly sized to your hand or height?
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Industrial Ag - Do We Really Need It to Feed the World?

Do we need industrial agriculture to feed the world? A while ago I came across a video online that answered this question. The answer, I was happy to find, was a resounding “No!” So often the argument against organic food is “you can’t feed the world that way,” and here the truth was being spoken so plainly, I felt that if everyone could see it we wouldn’t be arguing anymore.
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Voices From the Farm: Transitions, Innovations, and Quints Again

Lambing time, and things were hectic as usual, but going well. “Big Mumbo” delivered quints one more time! One lamb was born dead, but four survived… three ewes and one ram. One of the ewe lambs was an extraordinarily fine specimen, and outshone her two sisters.
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Sugar, Salt, Fat...

Here it is at last, well-documented investigation that shows how we have all been manipulated into bad health by the food industry; people who have literally made a killing off us by getting us hooked on synthetic food. It’s a problem that just can’t be fixed with a bag of Bunny Luv baby carrots.
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FareStart Gives Seattle's Homeless a Fair Start

On the corner of Seventh Avenue and Virginia Street in Seattle is a restaurant. It’s a restaurant much like many other downtown restaurants: tall glass windows, comfortable seating, a view into a bustling kitchen and a creative – sometimes edgy – menu. But there is something that makes this restaurant different.
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What's So Special About Organic Seed?

John Navazio, Senior Scientist for Organic Seed Alliance and a Plant Breeding and Seed Specialist for Washington State University Extension, talks about breeding healthy and robust organic spinach varieties at Nash’s Organic Farm, Sequim WA. In this video, John explains why organic seed is important and why you can’t just sow any seed for a healthy crop!
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By Land or By Sea: Port Townsend Food Co-op

Perched just 180 feet above sea level, Port Townsend WA (Jefferson County Seat) is a quaint Victorian town with a permanent population just over 9,000 people. It’s also the location of the 40-year old Port Townsend Food Co-op. The Food Co-op was officially launched in 1972 as a food-buying club; as were so many of the “second wave” of food co-ops during the 1970s.
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