Farm-labor coalition shows its strength in Madison WI

The rallies go on in Wisconsin. On Saturday, March 12, organized by Family Farm Defenders and the Wisconsin Farmers Union, the Farm Labor Tractorcade contributed to the enthusiasm of the nearly 100,000 protesters gathered around the State capitol. Present were 53 tractors and, at least, 2 manure spreaders. which delivered their own pointed message.

The farmers and the crowd were there to support public employees and to protest Governor Scott Walker’s budget cuts.

Click here to watch the “virtual parade.”

Farm/Labor Tractorcade

After weeks of politicking – including a 3-week stint living in Illinois – 14 Democratic Wisconsin State Senators were defeated by the Republican majority which voted to strip most collective bargaining rights from public employees.

And in the name of narrowing the state’s projected $3.6 billion budget deficit, Walker has proposed sweeping changes to Medicaid-funded programs including BadgerCare, cuts in state aid to public schools by nearly $834 million and a $96 million cut in aid to local governments, including cities, towns and counties.

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