Farmers on Facebook Use Social Media to Reach Consumers

Understanding that consumers are far removed from food production, and most have never met – much less conversed – with a “real” farmer, today’s farmer is adept at Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and uploading videos to YouTube. If you can’t get down to the farm, meet your farmer “virtually.”

Passion and Tension: Organic Standards a Hot Topic

There was passion and more than a few tense moments at the USDA National Organic Standards Board Meeting, however agribusiness and the organic community came together in the end on most issues. The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) concluded its four-day semiannual meeting in Madison, Wisconsin on October 28 with votes and decisions on several issues impacting the organic industry.

Good Food Does NOT Make You Sick

On a busy workday in early September, FDA inspectors made their “routine” visit to Amaltheia Organic Dairy. Garbed in hazmat suits, hair nets, face masks, and disposable gloves and booties, a team of inspectors examined the small cheese processing plant from top to bottom. The result? Mel and Sue Brown and their cheese company passed with flying colors.

From a 12 oz. “King Size” to a 32 oz. “Medium” – How Did We Get Here?

Last week your editors heard Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics, cover a lot of ground in a very short time during her part of the Food: Eating Your Environment series at the University of Washington. She told us over and over again: portion sizes have grown enormously over the last 50 years and the average consumer has no clue that larger servings have more calories!

Does Slow Food Equal Good Food?

The international organization Slow Food International, founded in Italy, purports to be the final word on all things slow – and good – about food. Unfortunately, “slow food” also has taken on the connotation of “expensive food.” While Slow Food International claims to focus on regional cooking and local food production served as a communal experience, many of their events fall under the category of “too pricey.”

Walmart unveils global sustainable agriculture goals

Walmart has announced their intent to help small and medium-sized farmers expand their businesses through a new global sustainable agriculture program. At first, this goal seems laudable. In our opinion, the new initiative masks three key problems.